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Sponsor Us

Would you like to help us? Annual, event and tech-talk packages available.

What is sponsorship used for?

Sponsorship for the society is used to support our key activities: events; outreach and supporting our community.

We’ve detailed below our three sponsorship packages which cover each our main activity areas. If you have an alternative proposition though we’d love to hear from you! Please contact our president (Annabel Ohene) or our treasurer (Hashmath Hassan).

Our sponsors


Download a PDF copy of the information on this page

Annual Package

£1000 to £1500

Our annual package covers all the activities of the society in one go, along with providing the greatest exposure for you! Your sponsorship will be used for:

As part of the annual sponsorship package and to say thank you for supporting the society, we offer you the opportunity to:

¹ Additional talks come under the Tech-talk Package.

Event Package

~£400, up to £800

Our event package covers the cost of particular events throughout the year². We have lots of events planned, including industry-supported activities on Ada Lovelace day, open discussions on Unconscious Bias, workshops at DigiMakers and much more…! Please get in touch to discuss what event you’d like to sponsor (or with your own event idea). Event sponsorship is usually used for:

In return, we offer you the opportunity to:

² Excludes technical talks.

Tech-talk Package

£200 plus presenter

Throughout the year we invite members of local industry (particularly alumni) to present talks about their experience in engineering and also about their technical work.

We provide food, drink, venue and faculty-wide advertising for these events so we ask for £200 sponsorship in order to cover costs. We usually expect a mixed audience of around 40 people.

I’d like to sponsor you…let’s make it happen!

To get the ball rolling, please contact our treasurer, Ed Nutting via email: treasurer@wiebristol.co.uk. Ed will respond within 24-hours and everything goes from there.

Download a PDF copy of the information on this page

We’ll discuss details of the sponsorship package you have chosen (e.g. event dates/times, transfer of sponsorship) or help you choose if you can’t decide right away! We then provide a short contract for you to sign. Your contract is with the University of Bristol Students’ Union - Bristol SU, of which Women in Engineering Society is a full member and as such, legal representative. Once the contract is signed, you provide:

Sponsorship money is organised via PO and/or invoice and payable by bank transfer, debit/credit card or cheque. All money goes through our University account managed by Caroline Higgins - Outreach & Student Liaison Manager, Merchant Venturers School of Engineering.